Kabaddi in England


Below you can find all updates on Kabaddi in England, one of the most fastest growing sports in the world.


Until recently rectangular kabaddi has not been widely seen in the UK, with only a primitive version of the game being played in Hindu temples and in groups of Asian backgrounds.

Recently over the past few years university students decided to form Kabaddi clubs in their respective universities and this provided the catalyst to growing the sport and learning the proper rules of the game. There are now clubs at 4 universities including University of Birmingham, Kings College London, London School of Economics and Imperial College London. With all the clubs having women’s teams as well as men’s teams. There are also players from Bristol University, Oxford University and Aston University.

Outside of University, there is a Birmingham team and a London team, and then there is the England Kabaddi team. The England Kabaddi team was properly formed in 2013 and recently took part in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup with players from London School of Economics and Imperial College London in the squad. England came fourth in their group and so did not make it to the semi finals having lost to India, Korea and Bangladesh.